So How Long Will It Take To Get Better?

Dr. Sarah here!

On Monday while I was at the gym I was working on a progression for ring muscle ups from a kneeling position. Needless to say, after 3-5 reps I didn't use my upper body enough and ended up pushing through my legs too much. This caused an immediate sharp pain in my right quad. To be honest I had never felt pain like that before, but didn't hear or feel any pops or clicks. Phew!

Following this, the sweat portion of the class consisted of 1 minute of assault bike, 1 minute of DB thrusters, 1 minute of rowing and 1 minute of air squats - for 6 rounds. I made it through 1 round. Every movement was painful for the entire round, but I considered completing the second round before my coach said "YOU'RE DONE". So I got off of the bike, pouted in the corner and foam rolled my right quad, IT band and TFL for the remainder of the class.

By the time I got home I could not squat, bike, row, walk, contract my quad, stand on my right leg, walk my dog or walk up and down the stairs without pain. When I say pain, I mean PAIN. Like at least a 7/10 and it was not exciting. All I could think was WHO CAN STAND TO WALK AROUND EVERY DAY WITH PAIN LIKE THAT! Not this girl!

Once I got home I heated my right quad for 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off 3 times. I then used a HyperVolt to loosen up the surrounding tissues. I couldn't even tough the injured area, which now had a knot the size of my fist. KinesioTape was next and I kept the tape on for about 20 hours!

The next day I cold lasered the area and received 40 minutes of manual soft tissue work to the area. Then heated it again when I got home that night. At this time I could walk and squat without pain. Going up and down the stairs was still painful and walking was pretty sore, but it was an improvement.

That brings us to today. I barely noticed the pain while walking and could do a full squat with only tightness. I finished off my day with another 35-40 minutes of manual soft tissue work that HURT LIKE HELL, but after I could walk, squat, go up and down the stairs, stand on one foot and contract my quad without pain. Don't get me wrong, it is still tight, but almost 93% better than when it happened on Monday around 4:45pm. It has been just over 48 hours and I am pretty much pain free.

The time it takes to get better is all based on how you want it to happen. I spent pretty much 48 hours straight getting chiropractic care and massage therapy, while also performing self care mobility exercises and using heat at home. I have no tolerance for being injured and want to be active at work and outside of work. I just have no interest in letting an injury heal as I rest and do nothing to help myself. Getting better fast isn't cheap either, but what is worth more to you? For all of the treatment I received in the last 24 hours it would have cost me about $220. That seems like a lot in 2 days, but moving pain free and being able to walk my dog and go to the gym are worth it to me! Is it worth it to you?

Take charge of your care! Learn about conservative care options and how they can help you! Seek out an awesome chiropractor and awesome massage therapist to help you through your next musculoskeletal injury. We have a few great ones!

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