Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain is very common during pregnancy. Women will describe it as a sharp and sometimes pulling pain in the low abdomen and/or groin. Women will likely notice it for the first time when changing positions or moving too quickly from one position to another.

The round ligaments are found on both sides of the body and run from the front of the uterus to the fatty tissue surrounding the pubic joint. As the baby continues to grow, the uterus will stretch causing more tension and stress to be placed on the round ligaments. Round ligament pain can also in turn cause irritation in the pubic joint.

Round ligament pain can be treated conservatively in a chiropractic office. By adjusting the pelvis with the Webster Technique, performing a round ligament release and adjusting the pubic joint gently, women often experience a significant amount of relief. I am always sure to discuss how to modify certain activities of daily living as well so that we can prevent the pain from getting more intense.

If you or a loved one are experiencing pubic joint or round ligament pain, please give Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic a call!

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