Postpartum Mindset With Regards To Fitness

Mindset is crucial during your postpartum period. Whether that be at 5 days postpartum or 15 months postpartum. In the US, many women feel pressured to "get their pre-baby body back". Postpartum recovery is so much more than that. It is about feeling empowered in your new body and getting educated about how to fuel it and move it safely.

I had a lovely conversation with a patient this week. She is currently 15 months postpartum. She strength trained throughout her entire pregnancy and recovered intentionally following birth. She took a local BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series and spent approximately 10 months working back up to some pre-pregnancy barbell weights. At 13 months postpartum she competed in a sprint triathlon as well - which was a whole brand new realm for her. She is currently competing in the CrossFit Open and just completed 20.4 last Friday evening. This workout included box step ups, pistol squats and working your way through a clean and jerk barbell ladder. Her C&J PR prior to pregnancy was 130 pounds and her goal during 20.4 was to make it through 10 C&J at 115 pounds. SHE DID IT and even was able to move on to the next movement. She said that this workout was a challenge for her mentally. In her mind there was a number of different pep talks happening from YOU CAN DO THIS to DON'T HURT YOURSELF to IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH A REP TAKE A BREAK and DON'T FAIL.

This can be difficult for new moms to sift through on a daily basis, but making educated decisions that fit within the parameters of your goals can be extremely rewarding. If you are postpartum and are looking to intentionally recover from childbirth or are looking to get back into the gym safely, please give our office a call. Dr. Sarah has extensive training in prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care, in addition to many other rehabilitation techniques and strategies that can help you reach your goals!

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