Let's Talk About Pillows

Neck pain and headaches tends to be major complaints we see on a daily basis in our office. Many of our patients are even waking up with neck pain or headaches daily. Starting your day off with pain is not exciting.

Our providers are always asking patients about their activities of daily living, including sleeping position. Sleeping position can actually tell us a lot about a patient's musculoskeletal complaints. With sleeping position comes a discussion about pillows. Is it flat? Is it puffy? Is it supportive?

Most people will go to Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond to look for pillows. However, after spending $10, $24, $49 or $75 on a pillow you start to realize that nothing seems to be helping you get a better nights sleep or help with your pain. This is where we come in.

ChiroFlow pillows are very commonly sold in chiropractic offices, however with Dr. Sarah's history of neck pain and headaches she needed to make sure that this pillow was actually the real deal. She decided that before selling these pillows in the office she wanted to make sure that it actually worked. AND IT DID! She now wakes up with less neck pain, gets a better nights sleep and experiences less headaches.

The Chiroflow® Pillow’s Waterbase® design allows users to customize their pillow to their desired level of comfort, soft, medium or firm, by simply adding and removing water. The waterbase automatically adjusts to head movement throughout the night, maintaining essential cervical support, even when you move during sleep!  No need to fluff and re-stuff.  You wake less often during night and rise in the morning more refreshed. 

These pillows have even gone through studies at the world renowned Johns Hopkins University and Logan College of Chiropractic. The study's results showed that the Chiroflow® Waterbase® pillow is associated with reduced neck pain intensity, and improved quality of sleep.

We always have pillows in stock. If you are interested in learning more, please ask your provider today!

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