KiNETiX Strength & Wellness

We are extremely happy to have recently announced that Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic will be joining forces with KiNETiX Strength + Wellness. This partnership will allow us to stay committed to offering the highest quality of care to our patients by taking a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness.

KiNETiX Strength & Wellness has taken over the yoga studio space on our lower level. It has been completely remodeled into a fully functional strength training movement studio with some awesome brand new equipment. The space should be completely ready in the next couple of weeks and we can't wait to show it off!

By partnering with KiNETiX, we can put together a custom treatment plan to enhance your chiropractic and massage care with nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise-based movement.

Their relocation to Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic will only continue to enhance our offering of the highest quality chiropractic care, massage therapy services, and overall patient experience.

Exercise and movement are extremely important to health and wellness. Our treatment plans frequently discuss mobility and strength exercises to help promote healing. With the addition of a individualized strength plan from one of the KiNETiX coaches, our patients will be able to return to exercise safely while continuing to recover from any recent injuries.

At this time Dr. Mike and Dr. Sarah are both getting personalized programming through KiNETiX coaches! Dr. Sarah has been working with Melissa Curtis since May 2020 and has been loving every minute of it. Dr. Mike just recently started working with Chad Curtis following his recovery from his hand injury this summer.

Please feel free to discuss any of these opportunities with your chiropractor or massage therapist at your next patient appointment. We can't wait for you to see the benefits of what KiNETiX Strength & Wellness can offer you!

Click on the logo below to check out their website!

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