Health & Wellness When It Seems Impossible

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously made 2020 a little different than we all anticipated it to be. Not even three months into the year, our worlds were tossed upside down - whether that was transitioning to working at home, educating your children while working from home, unfortunately getting laid off or being self-employed during one of the toughest times as a business owner we have seen. Having such a drastic and quick life change definitely disturbs your normal routine as well - anything from self care to exercise and healthy eating. We can all agree that we have each had a completely unique experience over the last three months.

As a chiropractic and massage therapy office, we are grateful that we are now able to offer unrestricted conservative health care to our patients. These appointments are a tremendous form of self care, and unfortunately many people have been forced to reduce their frequency of care over the last few months based on state regulations. The services offered in our office help with pain, tension, stress, and mental health to name a few. It is important to slowly get back to your pre-pandemic self-care schedule as the state begins to open. Healthcare offices are directed to follow strict guidelines form the state and the CDC to ensure that their patients are protected at all times.

Exercise may be a tricky one for a lot of people right now. With gyms being closed since the middle of March and no set date for reopening, many of our patients have been struggling with setting a workout routine. Unfortunately equipment is expensive and has been frequently sold out online and around the city, which makes sticking to a workout routine even harder. Dr. Mike and Dr. Sarah have been members at KINETIX Strength & Wellness for the last few years and the owners, Chad & Melissa Curtis, deserve a HUGE shoutout for their incredible ability to adapt during this tough time. They have been continuing to put together daily workouts for their members and have even made them PUBLIC during the pandemic. They have 3 separate tracks - one with equipment, one that is all bodyweight movements and one that is a all recovery. They have also been working individually with members on personalized programming that can be done at home. Dr. Sarah has actually been working with Melissa since the beginning of May. Melissa was able to put together specific programming that incorporated the equipment she had at home, while helping her reach her goals! The coaches at KINETIX are continuing to accept remote clients at this time, so if you are looking to switch up your workout routine or are looking to hit some goals while gyms in the state remain closed, reach out to them TODAY!

Now onto the healthy eating topic. Ultimately we all know that it is WAY easier and WAY more fun to eat poorly than it is to eat healthy. Putting a plan together on a Sunday will be helpful moving into the week. This doesn't mean that you have to count macros daily, but at least try to have balanced meals throughout the day with adequate fat, carbs and protein. The occasional food subscription box may be helpful to change up your weekly recipes as well! Something we are also seeing a lot of is an increase in alcohol intake. Obviously our worlds were turned upside down and stress has increased, which means that many of us have decided to have a few more drinks that usual after a long day at work. Creating a plan for drinking alcohol may be helpful as well, whether that be only one drink after work 3 times per week or only indulging on the weekends. Decreasing your alcohol intake may actually help with mood, energy and sleep quality as well!

We are here as a resource for you during this time and will continue to encourage you to push weekly to achieve your health and wellness goals! Reach out if you need anything at all!

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