Do You Deserve Your Pain?

Seems a bit harsh don't you think? But possibly fair all at the same time!

In the fall Dr. Mike trained with Dr. Stu McGill, who ultimately is the godfather of spine pain and this is a concept that he spoke about. Recovery depends on the provider and the patient - NOT just the provider. Evidence based care is more than just adjusting someone and working out some tight muscles. It is about educating the patient and giving them the tools to help themselves too. However, they have to want to be helped as well!

There is always a reason behind the rehabilitation exercises you are prescribed in our office. They are meant to address your chief complaint and work in combination with the in-office treatment you are receiving. You will ACTUALLY feel better faster if you are compliant with them.

Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in conversations with patients about how they aren't getting better as quickly as they would like. As we gather more information, it becomes apparent that they are not being compliant with their home care exercises. Once again it is a team effort. Recovery takes time, effort, compliance and education.

Although a patient's at home exercises are extremely important, discussing proper mechanics during their activities of daily living is even more important. Let's think of your poor posture while sitting at your desk as your "irritation zone". Every time you get into that position you are causing further irritation to your area of complaint. It is a repetitive motion injury. By improving your posture while seated, you will be able to take some of the stress out of the area of complaint - actually giving it a fighting chance to heal! It is a habit that needs to be built, but once again, it takes time. This can relate to a number of different movements: brushing your teeth, picking up a laundry basket, putting your child to sleep, etc.

As chiropractors, we want you to recover and overcome the obstacle of pain, but we want you to want that too! We work hard to get you on the road to recovery and we want you to be there right along side us. If you or a loved one is dealing with some persistent pain, give us a call today!

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