Conservative & Effective Care

At Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic all of our providers strive for excellence. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a conservative healthcare option to our patients. We believe that conservative care should always be your first line of defense, prior to opiates, injections or surgery.

Our providers will always perform a comprehensive history and physical examination on patients to ensure that they are indeed candidates for chiropractic care and to rule out any red flags or other contraindications to care. Our office policy is that the doctor can and is expected to perform as many orthopedic tests and neurological examinations as they feel necessary to ensure each patient receives the best care and is diagnosed appropriately and accurately.

If the diagnosis is within our scope of practice to treat, treatment will be delivered at your new patient appointment as long as time is permitted. Treatment will consist of manual soft tissue manipulation, chiropractic manipulation and rehabilitative exercises. It is VERY DIFFICULT to know if the muscle complaint or the joint restriction came first. Similar to the chicken or the egg. As a conservative healthcare provider, if we are ONLY addressing the muscle complaints or ONLY address the joint restriction, we are unfortunately wasting our patient's time and money.

If you are dealing with any neuromusculoskeletal complaint, please give us a call. We offer second opinions to a number of different conditions as well, such as carpal tunnel and supraspinatus impingement.

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