Postpartum Rehab with BIRTHFIT Rochester NY

Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic is once again proud to announce that Dr. Sarah Tirimacco is now the BIRTHFIT Rochester NY Regional Director. She will be overseeing all things BIRTHFIT in the Rochester area.

BIRTHFIT is a movement, an approach to birth, a state of readiness and a support team for women going through the motherhood transition. Our mission is to cultivate awareness and enhance education throughout the motherhood transition by developing and producing one of a kind BIRTHFIT experiences through in-person classes so that a woman has the space to make her own informed, intuitively guided choices. Our experiences and services are founded on four pillars: FITNESS, NUTRITION, MINDSET & CONNECTION.

Rochester has an amazing birth community, however there is not much in regards to postpartum rehabilitation. I don't mean how to shed baby weight and get your pre-baby body back, but how to develop an evidence based postpartum plan to recover fully from the most athletic event of your life. BIRTHFIT will teach you how to recover from birth and how to take those concepts well into your postpartum period and into your next pregnancy. We will discuss urinary incontinence and diastasis rectus abdominis as well!


Our first Postpartum Series is HERE! You've gone through the marathon of labor and birth, take the time to recover from the most beautiful and athletic event of your life. This POSTPARTUM REHAB series of 8 classes over 4 weeks will help you to establish a solid core foundation and return to - or learn - functional movement patterns safely. We will discuss urinary incontinence and diastasis rectus abdominis as well. This course is for those who are at least 6 weeks postpartum, but is also great for moms 1, 2 or even 3 years postpartum.

All classes will be held out of Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic's BRAND NEW studio space!


Please keep in mind that we also offer comprehensive childbirth education classes that focus on traditional concepts, but also the importance of putting in place a postpartum rehab plan well in advance and a gentle Breath & Flow series. All class outlines, dates and times can be found HERE.

Let BIRTHFIT Rochester NY guide you through your motherhood transition. We are here for you, as your tribe. Join us today.

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