Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic is SUPER EXCITED to announce that Dr. Sarah is now the BIRTHFIT Rochester NY Regional Director!


BIRTHFIT is a movement, an approach to birth, a state of readiness and a support team for women going through the motherhood transition. BIRTHFIT is founded on four pillars: fitness, nutrition, connection and mindset. BIRTHFIT's mission is to "cultivate awareness and enhance education throughout the motherhood transition by developing and producing one of a kind BIRTHFIT experiences through in-person classes and distance learning so that a woman has the space to make her own informed, intuitively guided choices".

Who is BIRTHFIT for?

Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant, are pregnant or are postpartum - BIRTHFIT is for you! As a Chiropractor and a Regional Director, Dr. Sarah is able to address anything from low back pain and diastasic recti to exercise modifications while pregnant or postpartum.

What is a Regional Director?

Regional Directors are the coaches and professionals around the country that are the in-person representatives of the Four Pillars are BIRTHFIT. As Regional Directors, we embody all that BIRTHFIT stands for and we stand to support you in your motherhood transition.

What programs and classes do Regional Directors offer?

As a Regional Director, Dr. Sarah will shortly be offering a wide variety of services in addition to chiropractic care. These services will be for any stage of the Motherhood Transition. Regional Directors are the only people trained in the BIRTHFIT program, classes and services. This means, that we have all undergone 6 months of online, hands-on and mentor-mentee training. You can find some of the classes that will be offered in the near future listed below:

-BIRTHFIT Basics Workshop

-The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

-The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series

Please stay tuned for more information coming out of BIRTHFIT Rochester NY. In the meantime, please read more about the amazing BIRTHFIT movement HERE!

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