Thoracic Spine Mobility

Having a tight and stiff midback is extremely common these days. The majority of people have a career that includes some type of desk or computer work, whether you are an insurance agent, nurse or school teacher. This type of work causes us to be hunched forward on a regular basis. Each week we see more and more complaints that are related to being at a desk for extended periods of time.

For a second, think about your posture while you are at work. Do you sit upright? With your shoulders rolled back and down? And your chin tucked back? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but probably not. Most people have forward rounded shoulders, an increased kyphotic curve in their thoracic spine and an anterior head carriage – just like the picture below! Being “stuck” in this terrible position to extended periods of time tends to lock our body there and our musculoskeletal system begins to get accustomed to this. If this is the case, people occasionally even experience increased pain when trying to improve posture because their body is not used to move that way.

When it comes to posture and mobility, self-care can be very helpful. The 3 exercises listed below can be done numerous times per day to help counteract the effects of poor posture while at work.

Breuger’s Position

Thoracic Spine Twists

Supine Thoracic Rolling with a Foam Roller

Unfortunately, these exercises will not give you long term relief if you are not altering your biomechanics while at work. It will take time, but you can always consult with one of our Chiropractors for further treatment!

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