Summer Is The Time For Renos & Rehab

Summer is a time when home projects seem to consume your life. If you know myself or Dr. Mike personally you know that we have been fixing up our first house. In addition to being exhausted, we have also been experiencing an increase amount of pain and discomfort.

For a quick second, think about the position your body is in while edging door frames, painting the ceiling, sanding baseboards or while putting in flooring. Your neck may be tipped to one side or completely extended backwards while paint. Your low back may also be taking a lot of force when bent over dealing with flooring. Clearly, our postures aren't great in the above pictures, but I'm sure most people aren't too concerned with their posture while renovating rooms.

Although it may be difficult, consider performing your rehab exercises before and after a long day working on the house. Bruegger's Position and the doorway pec stretch are great options while painting, and box squats and pelvic tilts are great when putting in flooring.

Stay safe this summer and take care of your body!

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