Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) is quite common postpartum. Approximately 90% of moms who present with low back pain, pelvic pain or pain after/during exercise while postpartum have DRA. There are many different degrees of DRA - from 1 finger width to 5 finger widths. Width tends to be most mom's concern, however depth is also important to your provider.

As mom gets further into her pregnancy and her belly continues to grow, the tissues are stretched causing the 2 bellies of the rectus abdominis muscle to be pulled apart and separate down the middle. The tissues have the ability to heal following delivery, however this is not always the case. Simply, DRA is a symptom of core dysfunction, but this can be treated!

A combination of breathing techniques, core rehabilitation, thoracic mobilization exercises and chiropractic adjustments, when warranted, can be extremely beneficial for DRA. Dr. Sarah is excited to be able to offer assistance and treatment to new moms with DRA. Please call Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic today to see how she can help you throughout your postpartum period!

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