How strong is your core?

Do you have a six pack? If so, do you think that means you are strong? Unfortunately, having a six pack doesn't necessarily mean that you have a strong core. Core strength is very important for spinal and pelvic floor health. It is something that we address with almost all of our patients, whether you are a powerlifter or a postpartum momma.

Today we are going to talk about your core canister. You core canister consists of your traverse abdominis, multifidi, diaphragm and pelvic floor. If there is an imbalance between these 4 muscles you may possibly experience low back pain or pelvic floor dysfunction.

If you are a powerlifter you may notice low back pain while squatting or following deadlifts. You may even notice that you can not lift as much weight as you once could or would like to. Core stability while lifting is very important to protect your body. Consider adding these exercises to your pre and post workout routines: the bird dog, the side bridge and the modified curl up. Find the exercises HERE.

If you are postpartum you may notice incontinence (possibly bladder and bowel). You may notice this while coughing, sneezing, squatting, running, jumping rope, etc. These symptoms are very common following pregnancy, and are not normal. It is important to retrain your core canister following birth, whether you are experiencing these symptoms or have a Diastasis Recti. Consider talking to your chiropractor, physical therapist or OB if you are experiencing anything listed above.

If you are looking to work on your core strength to help with low back pain or pelvic floor dysfunction, give our office a call at 585-444-7325!

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