Hip Pain? We Can Help!

Hip pain can affect all types of people. Those who are incredibly athletic or just happen to sit all day at work are both at risk to experience the discomfort of lateral hip pain. This pain can be caused by weak glute muscles, sudden change in activity, or even a sudden fall. Women can be more likely to experience this type of pain, strictly due to pelvic shape.

When you start to develop pain, this is your body telling you that something is not working correctly. With respect to hip pain, it is usually due to altered biomechanics in the pelvis and hip joint causing muscles imbalances across the region (in the glute, the low back, the hamstring and the hip flexors). A major culprit is the Gluteus Medius muscle.

Origin: Outer ilium between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines

Insertion: The superior and lateral surfaces of the greater trochanter

Action: Abduction, flexion, medial rotation, lateral rotation, and extension of the hip

Gluteus medius has trigger points in three common regions of the hip - near the posterior superior iliac spine, the mid iliac crest, and the lateral iliac crest. These trigger points refer pain to the posterior lateral buttock, the posterior surface of the sacrum, and the posterior iliac crest. This muscle is extremely important when performing pretty much all weight bearing activities - walking, running, squats, single leg deadlifts, etc.

Treatment options for lateral hip pain range from chiropractic care, massage therapy, and rehabilitation exercises to stabilize the joint. First you ultimately want to restore normal motion to the area and decrease inflammation/irritation. Once you have a moderate amount of pain relief, the rehab and strengthening can begin! Addressing the IT band, TFL muscle, the lower back musculature and biomechanics of the lower body can help treat and prevent lateral hip pain.

Normal pain is NOT normal! Give our office a call TODAY!

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