"Shin Splints"

A common pain that many runners experience is shin splints. Very common and very annoying. Many runners deal with this pesky pain in the shin from prolonged running, often times from repetitive running on hard surfaces. Medial tibial stress syndrome is the medical terminology. Beyond running on the hard surfaces, other factors that cause this painful syndrome are, but not limited to; flat feet, poor core strength, weak ankles or hips, bad or old shoes, or simply not warming up or cooling down efficiently.

Massage thereapy can help by relieving the tension on the Tibialis Anterior and Posterior muscles. You can work to relieve the pain with deep tissue work near the tibia bone, being careful not to further damage or irritate the area. The massage therapist can work on the proximal structures such as the glutes or hamstrings as well. Moreover the therapist can work with the antagonist (opposite) muscles, as these muscles may be tight and contributing to the discomfort.

Once you experience this pain or what you think to be this pain, don't hesitate to reach out and know for sure. Taking care of it could help save you from a lot of pain, discomfort and further injury.

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