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The body is smarter then one would think. When an injury happens, in some cases, the muscle will tighten and attempt to guard the injury. This is a body’s natural reaction to prevent more damage. Too often though, this is a culprit of pain along with the injury itself.

One common example is shoveling heavy snow, or digging in a garden, turning over the soil. Both of these actions are very common in New York State. With either action the possibility for hurting the low back there. Once the injury happens, the low back muscles tend to “lock” up.

A chiropractic appointment at Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic normally includes a moderate amount of muscle manipulation in the form of myofascial release, pin and stretch, or vacuum cupping, however occasionally patients will require addition soft tissue therapy to aid in re-eduating muscles and will in turn relieve pain and discomfort. Utilizing the combination of both massage and chiropractic treatment can result in a faster recovery and less discomfort during the adjustment. Muscles are what move the joints. Muscle manipulation before an adjustment can help your body be more receptive to and relaxed for the adjustment. This combination can potentially prevent pain lingering after treatment as well.

Between both chiropractic and massage treatment, as a team, we can help the client return to a life with a fuller range of movement and less pain. This makes the use of both practices a great combination for the client.

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