What To Expect At A New Patient Appointment

New patient appointments are an extremely important part of the overall chiropractic experience in our office. The new patient appointment tells us, as the doctor, a lot about the root cause of what is causing your pain. Being a Chiropractor is much more than masking the pain or offering a quick fix. You came to our office to get a diagnosis and receive treatment for that diagnosis.

Your new patient appointment will consist of a focused history of your chief complaint(s) and a review of your past medical history and family history. You may notice that we will let you do most of the talking. That is so that we can start to develop a hypothesis prior to starting an exam. Following is when a the physical exam begins. This exam will involve specific non-invasive orthopedic tests, neurological testing, functional movement screenings and even rehab exercises. By combining this information we are able to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that is specific to you and your condition.

New patient appointments tend to last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This gives the doctor enough time to thoroughly complete the history and examination, but also educate the patient on their current complaint while answering any questions they may have prior to treatment. In our office, patient education is just as important as treatment itself.

Our office offers a complimentary verification of insurance benefits and electronic paperwork for your convenience.

If you are interested in scheduling a new patient appointment with one of our chiropractors, please give us a call at 585-444-7325.

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