Not Just For The Athlete, But Also The "Average Joe"

As a massage therapist that specializes in sport specific muscle manipulation, I want to emphasize the importance of massage for the “Average Joe.” Many athletes experience an injury through overuse of a muscle but so does the “Average Joe.” Both Joes and athletes often experience pain in the knees, shoulders, low back, mid back, and neck. These common pains can be maintained and reduced through massage. Taking the time to proactively take care of your body and help reduce these annoying ailments.

Many “Average Joes” experience pain in the same locations as athletes. This pain is partly related to the poor posture obtained while sitting at a desk. Common areas of pain from this poor, hunched over posture are low and mid back pain, a stiff neck, tight or sore shoulders, and often a combination of two or more of these issues - just like an athlete could before, during or after competition. Massage can be a great way to help alleviate tension and soreness throughout the posterior aspect of the body, or even the body as a whole.

While sitting all day, muscles tend to become shortened and tight, and then they want to “pull” when you stand and put tension on joints, causing discomfort. This is where you hear people saying “my neck hurts” or “my low back hurts.” Massage can help manage these symptoms. With a healthy balance of bi-weekly or even monthly muscle manipulation, an “Average Joe” can potentially feel much less discomfort not only in the area of complaint, but in their overall health.

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