Pain Has A Purpose

Most people have experienced some type of pain throughout their life. Maybe it was low back pain, headaches, their appendix about to burst or even heartache. No matter what their pain, I'm sure they did not enjoy it.

When it comes to physical pain - it has a purpose 100% of the time. Pain is considered the body's warning system. When something is wrong or damaged in the body there is the potential for the body to create a pain response.

So when you have some pain, what do you do? Take Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve? Most likely, since thats what society, TV commercials and our parents tell us to. But if we are taking medication, we are covering up our body's natural response to let us know that something is wrong. If you are masking your pain with medications, you can potentially cause more damage.

If you are going to take medications, whether prescription or over the counter, in the acute phase of an injury or for acute pain, be sure to be proactive moving forward to reduce your pain from the source!

Complimentary medicine, such as chiropractic care or massage therapy, can be utilized to get to the route of the pain. Our office also sells a number of different supplements and herbs that are beneficial to help with pain control in the acute phase. Please stay tuned for more information on alternatives to traditional medications, such as Advil and Flexeril.

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