Welcome to the inaugural post of a series we are starting that focuses on a particular muscle and its associated trigger points and referral patterns.

Our first muscle is Temporalis. Origin: the entire rim of the temporal fossa of the skull Insertion: coronoid process and ramus of the mandible Action: elevation and retraction of the mandible

The Temporalis muscle has trigger points superior to the mandible and superior to the auricle of the ear. These trigger points often have referral pain patterns that are mistaken for vascular headaches. Patients often present with pain along the upper row of teeth, throughout the temporal region of the forehead, and over the eyebrow. Other differential diagnoses that these trigger points are associated with include TMJ, a tooth infection, or temporal tendonitis.

Some possible causes include grinding/clenching of the teeth, direct trauma to the area, and forward head posture that could be associated with "text-neck".

Massage therapy is a useful tool to addresses these trigger points and can be instrumental in relieving chronic headaches. If this applies to you, give us a call to see what our office can do for you!

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