Running In Memory of Pete...

On Saturday, September 23rd, ROCovery Fitness will be holding their 3rd Annual 5K & Family Fun Day. For those who are unfamiliar with ROCovery Fitness, all you have to do is read their mission statement to understand what the organization is all about:

“ROCovery Fitness is a supportive community of physically active individuals brought together by sober living, committed to creating an environment of healing and recovery. Members, friends and families are empowered to discover their inner strength and confidence through adventure, fun and camaraderie.”

In this day and age, just about everyone has someone in their lives who is affected by addiction. This event and this organization are something that hits very close to home for myself.

On October 30th, 2003, my brother, Peter, lost his life as a result of his addiction. After years of substance abuse and numerous attempts at rehabilitation, Peter was unable to overcome his addiction and his life was taken from him.

[17 year old Dr. Mike, Peter Penkin, & John Penkin]

It will be 14 years since we lost our brother and this year, we are participating in ROCovery Fitness' 3rd Annual 5k in memory of him. We would like to invite everyone and anyone to join us at this event this year. Whether you would like to run, walk, or even just come and enjoy the event, it will help so many people currently struggling and further support those who are actively working to improve their lives. Your attendance and participation may inspire someone to make a positive change. And it just might save someone’s life.

Details of the event can be found here: ROCovery Fitness 3rd Annual 5K & Family Fun Day

We hope to see you this Saturday!

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