Our office has always and will continue to abide by the CDC's recommended guidelines in order to create a safe environment for you, your families and our staff. Our providers and staff are, and have always been, primarily concerned about your health and well being, especially during this difficult time, by properly sanitizing tables, equipment and common surfaces as well as washing our hands between every patient. Daily sanitizing in our space has become more frequent in recently months as well. Each patient will also be asked to wash or sanitize their hands as they enter the office. Please also know, that any and all employees will be expected to stay home from work if they are feeling ill in any way. We will also be closely monitoring the number of people in our waiting room to limit social contact with anyone other than our providers and staff.

Please do not forget to fill out your mandatory patient survey prior to arriving to your appointment. This gives our office staff enough time to review your survey answers and contact you in advance if they have any questions. The survey link can be found in your text message or email reminder that you will receive from our office approximately 24 hours before your appointment. If you are not receiving text message or email reminders from our office, please give us a call as soon as possible to let us know. 
Our providers ask that you keep your mask/face covering over your mouth and nose for the entirety of your chiropractic or massage therapy appointment. This is to protect our providers at all times. Your provider will be sure that you are not face down for more than 20 minutes at a time to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe with a mask on while in your patient appointment, please discuss this directly with your provider and medical documentation will be required.
Please arrive to your appointment RIGHT ON TIME. If you are early, please wait in your vehicle until your appointment time.  Our providers have staggered patient appointments to ensure the least amount of patient overlap in the waiting room. 
As of October 1, 2020 any patient who has traveled to a state that meets the metrics to qualify for the travel advisory requiring individuals to quarantine for 14 days (a state on the quarantine list), must wait for 14 days following their return to NYS to enter Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic for an appointment. Patients who have traveled outside of New York State or the USA who are not required to quarantine for 14 days upon returning to NYS, are welcome to schedule appointments at any time once they return to NYS. If you have recently traveled out of state, we ask that you closely monitor yourself for any symptoms and reschedule any appointments as needed. This is to ensure the safety of our providers and patients, as we have a number of infants, pregnant women and elderly patients attending appointments on a daily basis.​
As of October 1, 2020 the non-essential travel restriction that Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic put in place for employees will be partially lifted. Employees are now welcome to travel outside of NYS for non-essential purposes. Any employee who has traveled to a state that meets the metrics to qualify for the travel advisory requiring individuals to quarantine for 14 days (a state on the quarantine list), must quarantine for 14 days following their return to NYS to be able to return to work. A negative COVID-19 test will NOT waive this mandate - no exceptions. Any employee who has traveled out of state or out of the country (as long as said state or country does not meet the metrics to qualify for the travel advisory requiring individuals to quarantine for 14 days (a state/country NOT on the quarantine list)), for non-essential purposes, can return to work immediately, but must have a negative COVID-19 test ready to present upon return and monitor themselves for any symptoms over the next 14 days. 
As a side note, there is more leniency at the state level for essential workers, however Dr. Mike and Dr. Sarah have asked all PHC essential workers to consider the risks for their coworkers and patients if they decide to travel to a designated state (state on the quarantine list) as an essential worker and then return to work immediately without quarantining for 14 days.